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Vicki English Commission for home in Point Grey:

"Denise; The painting is perfect for that spot. We are really enjoying it. The kids were over today and everyone gave it the thumbs up. Please thank Viki for doing such a splendid job."

The Benslers

"Thank you again for coming out to the "The Rock" with all the art. I’m so happy about what I purchased and can’t wait to see the finished framing, etc.Keep me posted on other pieces you’d highly recommend to me.

Also, please feel free to put down “Equifaira Advisors” as the collector of the art within your description of Paul Paquette and Craig Yeats within your website."

All the best,
David Graham

"Thanks for your help and patience in this. We very pleased with what we have chosen and the very reasonable prices you were able to give us. We clearly made the right choice seeking you out and not simply going out and renting art from an offsite location.

Our space designers were in the other day and asking who we had worked with, so I gave them your name. I think they were impressed as well."

Ian Worland, Legacy Tax+Trust Lawyers,
Vancouver, B.C.

October 2016

"The Tetiana Zakhaorva painting looks terrific above the fireplace. We think everything worked out very well.  Thanks again for the great service, advice and packing the paintings so well.  That is now the 4th painting you have shipped to us without a problem.  If you ever want to use us as a reference please feel free to do so. We would gladly help if we can."

The Kyles, Cochrane, Alberta  October 9, 2015
Two paintings shipped.

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Denise Bezanson in choosing our beautiful paintings.  Her expertise in Canadian Art was greatly valued.  We were able to place the pictures in our living and family rooms for a week or so, with no financial commitment.

In our experience this was a most appreciated and perhaps unique experience, given the possibility of 'buyers' remorse'!  We never felt pressured to
purchase the artwork.   Denise is a highly knowledgeable in all aspects of
Canadian Art, and she brought to our home several paintings at a time, until we found the ones we loved.  She has a good working relationship with several artists, and arranged a 'tailor made' painting of a Tuscany scene which is our favourite!  Lynda and I highly recommend Denise Bezanson if you are considering beautiful Canadian artwork to grace your home.  Her cheerful and considerate nature was greatly appreciated.  Denise will approach your art interests and requirements with dedication and sincere enthusiasm."

Lynda and Rob Ecclestone
South Surrey, BC

"I wanted you to know that after a weekend of being home and seeing the paintings in all the different lights of the day and evening I am enjoying them more and more. Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts on this one and eventually guiding me to the right solution. It is so very appreciated." 

Kind Regards
Linda Hogg
Gowlings LLP

October 2014

"Thank you for all your help again today.

Please thank Tiko for his consideration and kindly assure him that his paintings have found a home where they will be long enjoyed and appreciated!"

Many Thanks,
Bruce MacDonald
Mardon Insurance
April 2014

"You have been an amazing source of information, helpfulness and downright joy over the last few years and I would NEVER want you to think I don't appreciate all that you do. As far as the hanging of the paintings, I thought you did a wonderful job, as did Barney and again, above and beyond the "house call".

Thank you for your continued communication. It is always so nice to hear from you and your efforts and kind interest are so greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Sharon Reifel
November 2013

"Denise has an uncanny sense to interpret what you want and she makes it happen ASAP! We have been working with Denise for a few years now, both to acquire art or commission art work. We have consistently been thrilled with
the results.

We recently had her catalogue, evaluate, and photograph our collection; to say she outdid herself would be an understatement."

Shannon & Nairne Gray

"Thank you again for making it possible for me to acquire Mr. Paquette's painting ... the sunnier the day the more vibrant the painting (although not in direct sunlight!!) and I couldn't be happier with it. "

Lesley Findlay, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you for your patience and expertise today. It was greatly appreciated."

Bruce MacDonald, Mardon Insurance
June 2013

"It was a real pleasure working with you on this project, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. And as I've mentioned to you before, I've only received positive feed back from other staff as well. The office looks so much better with the artwork displayed on the walls. And I am particularly pleased about how you were able to incorporate the first nations pieces into the process in a way that I think really adds to the texture of the office. Thanks again for your efforts!!"

Ed Nickel - Administration Manager, West Fraser
March and April 2013

"I came back from Japan on Sunday and found a beautiful "Poppy Field" painting on the wall. Thank you so much. I love love love love it. What a wonderful surprise! I can't believe both Joey & Jaimee were able to keep the secret until I came back. They didn't say anything about the painting on the phone during the week!!!

That painting will be very much appreciated in our house.
Just a quick note to say thank you so much."

N. Oikawa

"Denise, I want to thank you again for extending yourself the way you have both with the exchange, the customs clearing, and the quick shipping of the paintings.....I'm sure no gallery would have been so accomodating. So, I'm very glad to have wound up my art purchases with someone who has been so helpful and gracious! I hope you have a very good year....Jeanne."

From J. Hansen of Chico, CA USA
March 25, 2013

Paintings by Paul Paquette and Rudy Schneeweiss

"Morning Denise: Peggy was thrilled to see the art work hanging in their spots. I went to Home Depot to replace a bulb for the formal living room and the lighting on the artwork just makes the room. She especially likes the "Drive to Whistler" in the main family room. Thanks again for everything. Kevin"

From K.F. of South Surrey, B.C.

"It's here.....and I love it!! I must say my eye has certainly come along way in judging how an art work will look in its place and coordinate with the rest of the room. It's hung over a dark brown leather couch with lamp shades the same rusty reddish color as the earth....simply smashing! The painting arrived in perfect shape even though U.S. customs apparently did open it. Take care and thanks for your great service."

From J.H. of Chico, CA USA

"I enclose payment for the wonderful Tiko Kerr painting 'The Vancouver Courthouse'. Please convey to Tiko how very pleased I was with it.

My expectations were quite high, knowing the quality of his work, and they were greatly exceeded. Thank you for your help in arranging this. We are looking forward to seeing the Old Courthouse."

May 15, 2011 John Hunter, of Hunter Litigation, Vancouver, B.C.

"I received the masterpiece yesterday and have it hanging in my dining room. I like it very much and everyone in my family likes it too. Thank you for choosing the perfect frame. So beautiful. Sitting in my living room and looking at the painting reminds us of so many memories from back home in the Philippines. The painting means a lot to us."

E.R. Painting by Stefan Horik shipped to Calgary

"Our last few weeks have been unusually hectic.  Frequently, when I’m running around this house feeling like a headless chicken I  pause for a moment, breathe, and enjoy our new paintings.  That 10 second break is rejuvenating, motivating, and puts a big smile on my face.  I just wanted to take a minute today to let you know how happy they make me.  Thank you - again,  C. Rogers"

From the West End, Vancouver - 4  paintings to a wonderful apartment.

"I picked up the picture today on my way home from work and it looks fabulous!  Another great packing job.  I was going to wait until Rick gets back from Vancouver next week for the exciting opening but thought that in case there was a problem with the shipping that I had better open it right away.  I will wait and share the hanging however!   Thanks again for the great service."

From Whitehorse, Yukon: Stefan Horik painting shipped to Whitehorse, Yukon

"I've been meaning to send you a note just to let you know how nice the two paintings look with their new frames.  Thanks again for all your assistance." 

March 13, 2010 - Lynda Darling
"Thanks Denise - we are thrilled with the works that you helped us to select - it really changes the front room and the process was so much better than trying to select pieces from a gallery.

It definitely made a difference.  Our realtor saw the room before we  bought the art, and could not believe the difference it made.  When  you are asking that much money for a home, it has to "look the  part", and the artwork adds a measure of "luxury" that makes people  take notice.

Plus, it just looks good!"

November 24, 2009 - Steven & Teresa Dvorak

"From the moment I met you at my kitchen table--I liked you alot and felt completely comfortable 'Signing Off' re:  Artistic Impression.  The confidence I felt had nothing to do with your previous work--it had to do with your being and nothing to do with new age thinking.  This was a 1st for me--As typically, I am not in the habit of signing off on anything..

About the Painting--"I LOVE IT" - The more I look at it - The more I like it...I have walked by it many times today.  Turned on the lights; Turned Off the lights; Looked At It Through The Glass Door - Need I say more?  I also love the way you painted the building and or windows--And I like the play of color.  If I had known that you were using Violet or Blue in advance I would have probably said "No Way" because of all of the browns and golds and red in my house.  However, the Violet/Blue from light to strong makes the painting 'Pop' on the wall."

April 2009 - Micheline
Micheline Commissioned Paul Paquette to do a huge painting for her Entry Stairwell

"Both paintings arrived intact and I love them both. You were right - the large one was huge! I've got one hung over the fireplace mantle and the other in our dining room. Thank you."

Two Tiko Kerr paintings shipped to Washington State.
Hi Denise,

The painting arrived yesterday safe and sound. Conan and I went to his office after dinner last night and tied it to the top of the SUV and brought it home. We were impressed by how well it was packed. It is already hung in the living room and it looks fabulous. It is everything that we were expecting and more. The kids like it too.

Thank you for facilitating this and please let Judith know that we love the painting.


April 2007
(This was a huge painting shipped to Calgary)



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