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Project Photos

Below are some examples of my art consulting projects around the Vancouver area.

Nancy Kramp Painting Lattitude in Kerrisdale Home
Nancy Kramp Paintings in Coal Harbour Condo
Jorgensen Painting in Bedroom
Paquette Commission for LaSalle Residence
Kyle Living Room, Cochrane, Alta.
John Ogilvy Commissioned Paintings for North Vancouver home.
Andrea Pratt Painting
in Kerrisdale Apartment
Jill Charuk Painting
in Kerrisdale Appartment

Danuta Rogula painting in West End Home

Home Entry

Home Office

Francine Peters painting in Home

Kerrisdale Penthouse

Jean-Gabriel Lambert paintings in Corporate Boardroom

Laura Zerebeski and Francine Peters paintings in Yaletown Condo

Laura Zerebeski Painting Commission in North Vancouver home

John Ogilvy Painting in
Odlum Brown reception

Pamela Holl Hunt painting at Odlum Brown Stairwell

Pamela Holl Hunt Paintings in West End Apartment

Porchlight Client Room

Richmond Home

Ronald Dixon Painting in Richmond Home

Stefan Horik Painting in Bathroom

Tiko Kerr in False Creek Apartment

Vicki English Commissioned Painting for Richards Buell Sutton Client Room

Vicki English Painting in Powerex Reception

Zakharova in North Vancouver Home

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Vé Boisvert
Jill Charuk
Judith Copland
Kelly Crawford
Lyza Del Mar
Mary Patricia Deveau
Ronald F. Dixon
Vicki English
Robert Genn
Pamela Holl Hunt
Stefan Horik
Paul Jorgensen
Tiko Kerr
Nancy Kramp
Jean-Gabriel Lambert
John Ogilvy
Michael O'Toole
Sophie Paquet
Paul Paquette
Francine Peters
Leslie Poole
Andrea Pratt
Cindy Revell
Danuta Rogula
Rudy Schneeweiss
Jack Shadbolt
Vern Simpson
Ann Thinghuus
Craig Yeats
Tetiana Zakharova
Laura Zerebeski
Limited Edition Prints

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